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Venice is served more or less by two airports, mainly from the city’s main and largest, Venice Marco Polo airport, and by the smaller Treviso (San Giuseppe) airport.

Marco Polo is approximately 12km from the city, on the mainland, and onward travel is provided either by boat or bus, on the relatively cheap side, to your hotel or by land taxi or water taxi at increasingly high prices. The ferry (Alilaguna) to Venice from the airport will be slightly more expensive than the bus but will be a far more scenic and exhilarating trip and is also more likely to get you a lot closer to your hotel. The ferry and bus terminals are clearly signposted at Marco Polo airport but make sure you get the right one for your hotel stop!

The bus will be the cheapest option but remember that all land services terminate at Piazzale Roma so unless your hotel is in easy proximity to here, you may want to consider getting the ferry directly from the airport as that’s what you’ll end up doing from Piazzale Roma anyway - and carrying heavy suitcases through Venice’ alleyways and over its bridges is an experience you will definitely want to avoid.

Treviso airport is the main route used by Easyjet though therefore you may find this is your arrival point when travelling to Venice. This smaller airport is situated approximately 30km from Venice with regular buses departing for Piazzale Roma. The journey should normal take between an hour to an hour and a half, depending on traffic or route, but is generally considered reasonably cheap, efficient and simple.

Did you Know?!?

Venice Marco Polo airport is named after the famous Venetian explorer and trader of the 13th and 14th centuries and whose house can still be viewed in the city.

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