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As one of the most powerful and culturally advanced civilisations of the Renaissance period, Venice's artistic contribution to the world of art is akin to that of Florence. Celebrate Venice in all her glory by taking in one of its many art galleries.

If you're an art junkie this is your mainline station. If you're not an art junkie you will at least appreciate learning that a Bellini isn't just a type of cocktail. Over four centuries of art lies here just waiting for your eyes to gaze upon it.

Napoleonic art and respite from the frenzied pigeons in St Mark's Square. Only a fool would refuse.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

San Rocco's Big School had a serious graffiti problem. Tintoretto was scrawling his doodles over that place for more than twenty years. Luckily for him, he's considered less of a pest and more of a Renaissance painting master.

Fondazione Vedova

The avant-garde Venetian artist, Emilio Vedova, has a large collection of works in the stunningly redesigned Salt Warehouse Gallery.

Museo di Torcello

Head out to the peaceful island of Torcello for some 15th century sculpture and Greco-Byzantine works. The museum also houses some of the island's archaeological finds.

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

You don't have to spend your time looking at five hundred variations of Madonna and Child while in Venice. Peggy Guggenheim got her paws on rather a large number of modern masterpieces. It's amazing what hard work, good breeding and a vast personal fortune can bring into one's life.

Contini Galleria d'Arte

The Continis have a huge "space" providing ample room for international and local artists who managed to make a splash in the 20th century.

Galleria del'Arte l'Occhio

See what the next generation of Venetian artists have been getting up to when they should have been doing their homework. This smallish gallery has been accommodating Venice's whipper snappers for 15 years.

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