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Visitors flock to Venice without exception all the year round as we know, to admire and embrace the beauty and awe of the city. Many more come to Venice specifically to acknowledge and spectate at the city’s many cultural events and amazing calendar of festivals and carnivals.

Many people may immediately think of the Venice International Film Festival, and rightly so, as this celebrated and influential scene in August/September draws huge crowds as the stars come out to Lido island in the hope of drawing favourable reviews and possibly winning a coveted award.

However, certainly for the people of Venice themselves, the historic and colourful Carnevale takes centre stage on the calendar. This ancient, but more recently, revived spectacular usually takes place in February and is a celebration of music, masks and costumes as revellers from all over party in the week leading up to Lent.

With its unique lagoon surroundings, it may come as no surprise to find water-based celebrations and functions are a focal point of Venice in events calendar with no fewer than 120 regattas each year. The Regata Storica (Historical Regatta) is traditionally on the first Sunday of September and is always much anticipated by the locals as this marvellous and visually stunning spectacle sees period costumes and boats from the 16th century parade and compete.

Did you Know?!?

Venice’ famous annual carnival (‘Carnevale’) was originally a celebration with almost anything used as an excuse to have one. It was also seen as a chance for the natives to let their hair down and relax from the authoritarian government of the times. The carnival lasts a week these days but long ago used to run from Boxing Day to Ash Wednesday.

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