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Today Venice is a flourishing, bustling picturesque city, unique and fascinating, beguiling and beautiful, part of a legendary lagoon, made up of 117 small islands, with Venice itself being linked together by bridges over its famous canals. Venice was however more seriously populated back in the 5th century rather by accident than design. Although records indicate the founding of the city in AD421, when the then marshy islets may have been populated by some fisherman and hunters, it was Attila the Hun’s invasion of the region in the 5th century that saw many flee and seek refuge in Venice.

The region suffered further invasions through the years but in AD726, Venice fell under the power of its first elected Doge (Duke), a style of government which would last about a thousand years until the final Doge abdicated amidst Napoleon’s invasion of the city in the late eighteenth century. Venice would shortly after become a republic until 1866 when it officially became part of Italy which it remains to this day.

Venice history through the ages is far from dull. Venice owned many territories, battled for supremacy in its own domain, conquered and sacked its way around Europe and beyond, suffered plagues and became a rich and powerful trading entity. Many spoils of war can still be seen in Venice, particularly St Mark’s to this day. Along the way, Venice has been home to many luminaries of yesteryear with Marco Polo, Casanova, Canaletto and Vivaldi to name but some.

Did you Know?!?

Although no exact records are thought to exist on Venice’ specific origins, AD421 is widely regarded to be the year the city was founded, on April 25th to be exact – which is today celebrated as St Mark’s Day, the city’s patron saint.

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