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Push the quiff from your face, practice saying “Darling” and smoke a cigarette through a long’s time for ART.  The Venice Art Biennale was founded in 1895 and this foundation has arranged a humungous set of exhibitions of thousands of artists throughout Venice - many of which are free!!  This is a highly respected and important point in the artistic calendar so get down there and revel in all things arty farty!



 Speaking of art, there are also some specific exhibitions going on this summer that are really worth a mention.  The first is the presentation of the works of the Frenchman Manet – a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.  The exhibition entitled ‘Return to Venice’ (incidentally the theme of this newsletter) is on until 18th August in the rooms of the Doge’s Palace.  Wow.  There are also exhibitions of the photographic works of Tommas Filippi in Villa Pasani until the end of November, and the Peggy Gugenheim Collection presents the Gianni Mattioli Collection of early 20th Century Italy….All this with the backdrop of Venice – how beautiful.



 The Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer or the Festa della Redantore as it is known here in Venice is especially important to Venetians as it commemorates the deliverance of Venice from the great plague of 1576 that killed 50,000 people including the great artist Titian.  A huge fireworks display lights up the night sky and a bridge of barges links Venice to the island of Giudecca where the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer was built by Doge Alvise I Mocenigo in gratitude for deliverance.  Picnics on the water, and with the youth retiring to the beaches of Lido to carry on through the night, it is a spectacular and unmissable event.



 When I hear Jazz, my first instinct is to lean over to the guy next to me and whisper, "Fourth floor, please.”  Nevertheless some people are crazy for it.  If you’re one of these crazy people, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Venice is hosting its annual Jazz Festival throughout Venice from 16th to 31st July.



If you love music (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?) then you are in for a treat this summer.  Venice plays host this year to artists such as Mark Knopfler (12th July), 30 Seconds to Mars (14th July), Roger Waters (26th July) and David Guetta (3rd August) to name but a few.  If classical music is more up your street why not see La Traviata at the famous Teatro La Fenice opera house on 30th August?  Whatever your desire, Venice has a bit for everyone.



 This year marks the 70th Venice Film Festival from 28th August until 7th September.  Packed full of celebrities, critics and film lovers, this year the festival will open with Alfonso Cuaron’s much anticipated space thriller Gravity starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.  So get out the popcorn and sit back to enjoy the very latest and interesting footage from the film world…



 The Patriarchal Basilica of Saint Mark or the Duomo as it’s known here in Venice is the breath-taking Catholic cathedral of Venice.  Designed with Byzantine architecture and opulent with its stunning mosaics, the church is a testament to the wealth and power that Venice once had.  Indeed, from the 11th century, this church was known as the Church of Gold!!  Dating back to the year 828, the basilica dominates St Mark’s Square and is the beating heart of Venice from a cultural and religious sense.  Don’t miss it!!


8 - THE BRIDGE OF Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Adjacent to the Duomo and Doges Palace lies the Bridge of Sighs so called as it was the last sight that convicts saw before their incarceration.  Made of white limestone and with windows with stone bars, a local legend dictates that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs as the bells of St Mark’s toll.   Aaaaaahhhhhhh.


Venice gets €500m from EIB for Flood Protection

Venice has been granted a second installment of €500m to continue the engineering project designed to protect its shores from floods and storm surges. The MOSE project, (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico or 'Experimental Electromechanical Module') was first begun in 2003 but was promised €1.5b by the European Investment Bank, the first installment of which was paid in 2011.

The new injection of funds could not have come too soon for the city of Venice, which has been battered by snowstorms in recent weeks and has suffered some of the worst flooding it its history this winter.

The project remains on course to be completed by 2014, by which time several mobile barriers will have been erected at the lagoon's three main inlets, hopefully preventing high sea levels in the Adriatic from reaching the island. Other works ongoing include raising he pavements and docks, protecting the coastline and supporting the local environment.

International Photo Contest

The Comune di Venezia Department of Tourism's first Obiettivo Venezia Photo Contect is accepting submissions until 30th April. The contest is free to enter and all photographers of any age and nationality are welcome to participate.

There are two categories for the contest; The City of Venice, and Murano Glass. More information can be found on the Comune's website but the general idea is, be original. Up to five images may be submitted in each category, accompanied by a short description and details of the time, date and location where each shot was taken. An awards ceremony will take place on May 15th.

The project remains on course to be completed by 2014, by which time several mobile barriers will have been erected at the lagoon's three main inlets, hopefully preventing high sea levels in the Adriatic from reaching the island. Other works ongoing include raising he pavements and docks, protecting the coastline and supporting the local environment.

Nanotechnology Boom In Italy

The number of private nanotechnology companies in Italy has quadrupled since 2004 according to the Airi/Nanotec 2010 census conducted in Venice.

There are currently 190 nanotechnology companies operating in the country with 45% being private companies. Nanotechnology represents a significant industry in the small but influential Italian research sector.

Monologues Covering Up Loss Of Theatre Actors

In difficult economic times theatre companies are feeling the pinch and there are now fewer jobs for actors. What has always been a tough profession to find work in has now become even harder as productions cast fewer actors in order to save money.

Laura Barbieri, President of the Teatro Stabile di Veneto, said “Scriptwriters are now getting used to writing scripts for no more than two or three actors.” Monologues are becoming more prevalent as the style of production adapts to fewer roles.

Actors take around 75% of a theatre companies budget so are the first to get the chop when money is tight.

Palazzo del Cinema To Receive Facelift

Paolo Baratta, the President of the Venice Biennale, has stated that the refurbishment of the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido and the construction of the Padiglione Italia are top priorities. He has also promised that ticket prices will be more strictly controlled in the future.

It is anticipated that the revamp of the Palazzo del Cinema will be completed in time for the start of the next Biennale.

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