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Taxi Services

Taxis come in two forms thanks to Venice’ unique waterways. A standard taxi as we all know and love can be taken from the airport to Piazzale Roma and vice versa or alternatively from Piazzale Roma to anywhere else on the mainland. A typical fare should be between €25-30 from Marco Polo airport to Piazzale Roma, from whereon in you will be using water transport.

Venice’ other type of taxi is naturally a water-taxi. This image may well provoke initial excitement at a very unusual, romantic and thrilling way to get around – and it doubtless will be – but beware of the prices of doing so prior to diving in, so to speak. Water taxis can be prohibitively expensive, especially from the airport to your hotel, with prices likely to reach at least €100 for the 25-30minute journey, a pretty penny before your holiday has properly begun.

The price is for the boat though, not per person or couple, so don’t be afraid to enquire with the many other tourists considering their options regards sharing. It may be less romantic but will offset the cost quite a bit naturally.

Taxis can also be caught within Venice and are of course the quickest way to get to your destination, they are no less expensive at any time however so unless you are in a desperate hurry, head for the nearest vaporetto stop.

See for further information on fares and transfers for water- taxi travel in Venice.

Did you Know?!?

Water taxis in Venice can generally hold up to 10 persons, therefore the cost can be reduced considerably by sharing with like-minded people.

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