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It is doubtful anyone sets out for Venice for a relaxing holiday, a quiet escape or a get-away-from-it-all refuge. Venice is not built for this of course and is famed for quite the opposite, with people desperate to sample the sights and sounds of the city, to fight their way among the thousands of other tourists in bids to see and discover famous landmarks, historical structures and stunning scenery.

Many people utilise the numerous types of guided tours available, many others choose to explore the city on foot and by water. All will surely have visited the prominent and famous landmarks which mark Venice whilst others will also endeavour to see the rich pickings in the art galleries, churches and museums which populate the city.

Many more may pick specific times of the year to visit with a particular event in mind such as a regatta, carnival or other theatrical events.

In a nutshell, Venice is unlikely to disappoint or prove dull to any visitor. The spectacle of just being in Venice itself is worth the admission money alone, before you even begin to discover this remarkable city’s wealth of highlights, sights and activities, entertainment and visual magic. is an excellent site on Venice, covering everything for the tourist and including a section on free things to see and do whilst in the city.

Whilst you may find completing them all tricky during your visit, find no less than 200! is a complete and informative guide to tours, walks, sights and things to do whilst visiting Venice. offers a self-explanatory guide to things to see and do in Venice including links to many other useful and informative areas of information.

Did you Know?!?

If planning a trip to Venice during the sweltering summer months, remember that bare torsos or lounging around enjoying the sun on or near landmarks and monuments is unlikely to be met with approval by the authorities.

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