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Along with words written and pictures printed, Venice has been captured in great measure also on film. If you think you ’d prefer to see Venice in motion, rather than print, in order to get a feel for the place and give you some encouragement prior to going, there are numerous travel videos/DVD’s available together with a considerable amount of online clips - some professional, some less so but still good quality at times and worth searching for.

Some websites are specifically set up for travellers to offer video clips of everything from sightseeing and places of interest to nightlife and shopping and hotels and canals. These are free to view and are particularly insightful and relevant. is such a sight. As well as the aforementioned, clips on tours, the Venice Carnival, cultural things to see and the quite simply a glimpse into the beauty and magic of Venice are available here. has an amazing selection of video clips on Venice covering probably everything as far as experiencing the sights and sounds of the city. Over 100 clips alone on this site.

Much like novels and murder mystery books set in Venice, this unique and individual city has also been the setting for some renowned and critically acclaimed movies. Most recently, Al Pacino starred as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice – the Shakespearean classic set in 16th century Venice and filmed on location.

Also of late, the late Heath Ledger portrayed the legendary lothario, and son of Venice, Casanova, and Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie starred in the creepy thriller Don’t Look Now back in the ‘70’s, with scenes set in the city.

Did you Know?!?

The 2007 and most recent Venice Film Festival was the celebration’s 75th anniversary and featured no fewer than 57 films during the period.

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