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Weather Conditions

Deciding when to come to Venice revolve around when’s convenient for you, what’s on in the city, the busiest or quietest times etc and also the weather.

Whilst Venice has almost all-year-round exhibitions, events and festivals, and is always busy with tourists – even when it’s not – the weather should definitely be a factor in deciding when you come to visit. Obviously popular are the summer months and whilst seeing Venice during beautiful weather sounds appetising, other factors need to be considered.

Venice can get extremely hot and sticky during peak time, with humidity levels at their highest. Add the throngs of crowds and the heat haze to this and it may blight your expectations. Probably just ‘shading’ it for the most popular time to visit is the two periods either side of the intense summer, being Easter – June and September to October. The weather is still fantastic generally with clear, bright and warm days.

If you’re looking for sometime a bit out of the ordinary, winter is still popular but nowhere near that as other times. So long as you are prepared to wrap up warm and acknowledge you won’t be requiring your shorts or flip-flops, Venice can be enjoyed greatly with its same wonderful spectacle and majesty, albeit through a winter aspect.

Whilst the streets aren’t quite deserted at this time, it is infinitely quieter with a more ‘local’ feel to it. Around the winter months you may also find it considerably cheaper for accommodation, certainly more romantic and decidedly more invigorating.

Did you Know?!?

Although Venice enjoys varying temperatures depending on the season, record highs include a staggering 89 degrees Fahrenheit in Dec 1998 and the same temperature in February 1997. The record high at any time is 100 degrees F in June 1998.

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